At McCoy Auto Group we offer two different types of financing that center around individuals that have no credit or bad credit.  The first option is buy here/pay here financing where the loan is directly with our company.  This type of loan has a max term of 30 months, wth a maximum price of $8000.    Down payments typically range from $500-$1500.

Our second option for financing is second chance bank financing.  This option is a 100% guaranteed approval, no matter your credit score.  It is based around your income and there is no minimum job time required.  This type of financing usually requires a down payment of $500-$2000, with a max payment term of 60 months.  

Our financing experts will sit down with you and gather your information to help you decide which kind of financing best suits your situation.  These financing options give us the ability to help all of our customers find the right car to fit their needs.



  1. Cash down payment

  2. Valid Missouri drivers license 

  3. Proof of income

  4. Proof of address

  5. Full coverage insurance 

  6. Checking or savings account